Yummber is the app for that!


    Yummber was launched in autumn 2015. It is a new Hungarian meal-sharing network that offers extra income for people willing to share their home cooked meals with others - and welcoming flats where people searching for old and new flavours can have a great breakfast, lunch or dinner.



    • You hate fast food
    • You don't like eating out alone
    • Your mom stopped cooking for you and your wife has not started yet
    • You don't have the money to eat something real good, still you are yearning for it
    • You don't have a family, but you crave home cooking
    • You want to boast of your adventure to friends
    • You are sociable, but without company


    Perhaps you have already wondered about the job opportunities created by the new sharing economy movements or perhaps you haven't - but it's high time you did. The two most widely known and largest participants of this relatively new sector are the short-term apartment rental service, Airbnb, and the mobile ride hail company, Uber; both of which have already set foot in Hungary. We have followed the footsteps of this car and flat sharing trend in introducing meal-sharing to the Hungarian market. The press' response has been outstanding all along.


    The press is smitten with Yummber

    NoSalty.hu - We tested Yummber!

    "…the Yummber app, which helps you find home-cooked meals, is already out. We tested it and were not disappointed!"

    Index - Would you eat a lecsó at a complete stranger's?

    "…and that's the moment I realise that for over an hour now, I have been dining at a flat I never saw before with someone I never saw before. Thinking about it, it isn't as odd I believed it would be."

    Világgazdaság - The Hungarian gastro-Uber is live

    The gist of Yummber is to connect people cooking at home with hungry people in their general vicinity via an online platform - 24 hours a day.

    Magyar Nemzet - Hosts in aprons

    "Yummber's cooks receive guests in their flats, feeding them for a price they define."

  • The devil is in the detail…

    …but we've lifted the veil.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. What is Yummber exactly? What does it hold for me?

    If you are cooking at home, it connects you with hungry people, who would love to eat at your place, at the price you set. Yummber forges communities and provides extra income.


    2. Who pays and how? How does the money reach those who cook?
    People who eat pay. People who cook are paid. Yummber deducts a 20% commission fee from the hosts; however, the kitchens with the best reviews, those most active in serving hungry guests, and the ones bringing additional kitchens and guests to the app can decrease their Yummber commission fee to as low as 15% over time. (Those who fit the criteria will receive the relevant rules and calculations via email.)

    Yummber operates a payment system that prevents anyone from getting ripped off. The price of the meal is deducted directly from the user's registered bank card, immediately after the meal. Hosts are also paid through Yummber: they receive their money along with their receipt on a weekly basis - always on the third workday following the first workday of every week.


    3. What accounting system does Yummber use? Is it its own? A licensed system? A alrge service provider? Can I trust it?Yummber uses Barion, a prudent, interational financial service provider with authentic EU permits. Find out more at www.barion.com (in Hungarian).


    4. What does Yummber have in common with AirBnB and Uber? Open- mindedness and solidarity. We are guided by a principle similar to theirs: don't try to make this your living, but if you have an unused room or a few free seats in your ride, and you want to help others, if you want to offer others a plate of meal at a more affordable price, this is your place. Just like several similar service providers, we are part of sharing economy, which offers you things to enjoy that you might ot have in your possession. This allows for - in our case - access to various delicious meals, even if you cannot afford to eat out in a restaurant.


    5. How can I join if I want to eat? What are the conditions?

    Download our app from Google Play Store or the App Store. Fill out your profile, including your culinary preferences, and provide your bank card details - and you're good to go and eat. Don' forget: your hosts will also be able to review you as a guest.


    6. How can I be sure that I would be fed, when the money is already deducted from my account?

    Nothing will be charged to your account until you are convinced you are going to be fed.


    7. I have food allergy / I'm not allowed to eat sugar/flour/milk/etc. How can I find a host?

    When you provide us with your culinary preferences, you can also enter your allergies, and list what you cannot eat. Kitchens incompatible with your dietary restrictions will not even appear on your lis or map. However, you should not forget that these hosts are not professionals: this is your risk to take.


    8. Why do I have to provide my bank card details?

    Yummber does not allow for cash transactions in order to enhance your comfort and to protect hosts from cons who refuse to pay. You can trust us as you would trust a webshop or a cinema where you pay by card. Plus, it is more convenient to type in your card details once, as opposed to having to provide it every single time.

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